Monte Siao, Minas Gerais

Knitting Tree

Monte Siao, a knitting factory city, the Capital Nacional do Tricô, that was the reason to visit that little 20.000 people town, nestled in green hills. Like Jacutinga, Monte Siao is beside the knitting business a well known health resort for stressed domestic city slicker visitors from close SP.

Not to easy to get there, thought that it is just round the corner from Jacutinga, where I had my headquarter for that time. Airline distance are under 20 km to the neighbor knitting town, but with the bus you will need more or less incredible 1,5 hours to get there because you have to go to Ouro Fino and change busses.

There s a rat run through the hills as another possibility to go to Monte Siao. To take that way, you have to check somebody who knows the path between Jacutinga and Monte Siao. He will only go that way, if it is not raining, with rain this track is not to calculate for reason of the unpaved roads.



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