Handwoodworker – Fine and Mystic Craft



For everybody, who is thinking about new furniture or other kind of skilled crafts and trades with wooden objects should think about contacting Handwoodworker Frank. If he s in the mood, he will create wonderful stylish elegant exponates.

May be, you are around Thomas Exil one time to take a meal, here you may prove how it feels. The most furniture is from Handwoodworker like the wooden objects at the walls as well.

If you are in luck, you will meet him there or you find him in his tropical atelier, just ask the people.

This object, left hand, I have built with Frank together, should say, I helped and I am proud to have done that without loosing my fingertips.

Myst – whats that, we don t know, like a being from deep underworlds, undiscovered for long time, a massive morphing form, looking like a gem after polishing.

That kind of objects, Frank is tearing away from the beach, always looking for the wonders in it. So, that s an object keeping lot s of spirits and is belonging in a bank foyer or some official institution as a bloodcurdling scream of nature.

Go to Thomas in Cumbuco and ask for Frank, or ask me

or write a mail: handwoodworker@gmail.com














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