Tabuba, Ceará

Right, Tabuba, there s not much to tell, the village you have to cross if you are coming from Fortaleza on the way to Cumbuco, suitable for calm living normally, empty beaches, close to everything, if you have a car, by the way, the little bridge over the laguna of Icaraí is a favorite place for the police to check traffic.

Have had an apartment there for a month, a little bit abandoned time, an awful apartment, brazil melancolic feeling, just a bit strange cause in this area the most people don t know what that feeling means, they just don t know it. The owner did not care anything, even the pool was ragged and so the whole area was infested by mosquitos in the night. The building itself was not to bad, oversized for me alone and with a nice space on the roof but completely unorganized and dirty with remainders of an obviously desorientated person.

Ok, for money reasons, I could not change immediately and so I stayed there a more or less terrible month. The environment was alright, as long I have been outside, good to walk up to Cumbuco in 45 min, good to take a bus to Fortaleza in time, so normally nothing to complain there. My decision was blind and wrong and the keeper of that rotten condo was a lazy bugger.

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