Frank and the Windmills

That s Frank, we have been around his property in Trariri, Flexeiras to check the border stones for reason of violation of a french energy company. The whole village was involved, the mayor was replaced but nothing really happend till now.

There have been lot s of workers around, one of them must have called the security because we have had a visit of armed private personal, that asked us friendly, to leave the ground immediately, just buggers, we stayed back a few steps on Franks ground. Have been in fear of my camera that moment.

The company is digging big roads in the dunes, they tried to change the way of a especially big dune but thankfully without success and theey installed the fundaments of the wind towers within spitting distance to his ground. The sound emission is disturbing the natural environment and is causing value loss of the property, right, its not all the property, but the one side of it faces the road to Flexeiras and is just a few jumps away from the sea. A good location for development.

Very windy and dusty around there that day.

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