Deep Tropical Habitat

The tropical penthouse I found between Caucaia and Icaraí. It s a location really deep in the green with two lakes beside. The little penthouse on the terrace of Franks property gave me shelter for a month. A little bit abroad, not to easy to access without a car. You may use a bus but you need to know exactly, where to get off.

My space was a little building with an own little bathroom tower over the way on the very spacy terrace. Very charming. Felt very well around there.

At this place, you need to have what you need, no petrol station or night shop around to serve private issues, just a few bodegas with little and expensive offers after walking dusty roads, not to early not to late.

It s a real raw tropical garden with little curious apes jumping around the trees and bunches of very agressive small and more calm big ants. That time with the good old mate Kaspa, a handsome parrot, that mixed up every breakfast with extremly loud comments. A few rice corns or nuts have been a good strategy to shut that guy up before it blasts your eardrum.

Thanks Frank and Preta for that time in the green.

Looks like paradise but even here the Brazilians have some surprisings ready. On the one side of the property, there was a kind of cult appearing mostly at midnight on an abandoned ground that looks like a damaged real estate project.  You may listen to weird hysteric dance, drum and voice performances for a few hours, really loud, to loud and good for making you nervous.

But thats not enough, on the other side, daytimes, the property came in the pleasure to listen to a popular Forro – Band, practising the show. Really nice, the same niggling forro – riff in max. volume for hours, after that you will remember that refrain. In Germany you may serve a whole village with that volume. So, can understand, that the Dona was upset and called the police several times, but the police is not coming.

If they come, than they come for rest. Sometimes, you may see Ronda cars around there for hours, they are sleeping there or what else. Theres nothing to do.

For all these though conditions you need lot s of vitamin, the garden fortunately offers wonderful Acerola fruit, good for anything.



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