Vando is one very first member of my Brazil family, we know each other since 2004. That time I was irredeemable in love and startet to work with arts with my brazilian girlfriend. She brought us together and we spended several times since that time on with some atelier sessions, exihibitions or other locations in Fortaleza.

Vando is an art competence in town and internationally respected with lots of exhibitions in Europe and other south – american countries. He is frequented by models, businesspeople and actors, a retrato de Vando is much sought after. Magazines are coming, to grace their models with art and to make shootings. Radio and television is asking for discussions. Beside that, he is professor for art in the cultural center Dragao do Mar. You may find Vandos all over the town, from restaurants, foyers of companies to the stadium Castelao and even fixed installations in the airport.

More of Vando you may get on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Check the homepage

Vando always is in the mood, to create a little piece of art, where else ever, so the first retrato was a little drawing on a table napkin in the Pagliuca in Aldeota, the traditional jazz and blues pub like the draft above, another spontaneous result of Vandos creative energy he always has around. There are two others, one was created in a dizzy night upper floor session with friends in the Terracos do Atlantico in Iracema and the other in the atelier in Fortaleza. Thanks Vando and Pedro for that unexpected private action painting event with scenic views all over the Fortaleza nightline !

Vando and his friend Fernando, they are most around together, visited me and some other friends in Berlin in 2008, they have been in luck, on the Oberbaum, there was the annual arts market spreading, Vando took part with some expressive forms and signs, so, who knows, somebody around will have a Vando. In connection with the east side that was a colorful urban day in a center city, can t find that fotos. These here is another day in town and at the Bode Museum.

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