Cumbuco Headquarter

Here comes nice Cumbuco. Came there for caring a Pousada for a few month and have had the nice experience of beach front living in a frequently visited village spot.

Cumbuco is just a few km away from Fortaleza, a 30 min drive with the car along the coast up to the north.

Have been there for a few times but never spend a night there and did not know anybody with exception of my partner for real estate. Does not matter, after a short while you will find yourself involved in the Cumbuco rotation, if you are not a fish and not able to say hello.

If you are a fish, you will be eaten anyway around there.

So, it s a close uncomplicated life, the day may pass by and you just have been around to buy milk. Fortunately, a calm breeze is always around that coast, if that fails you it s not very amusing. The same breeze, that keeps up running business with that kite surf action guys, always around there.



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