Franca, SP

Franca, a town producing lot s of shoes for the big city regions SP and RJ, was a first spot, to get in contact with that clusters. A flat 325.000 people town, friendly, busy, organized, how I know it now from the southern Brazil.

The city has universities, you will find it, if you have your eyes open in town. Even if it s not so spectacular, the city offers lot s of quality moments in culture and business. There are european styled bars or little galleries with little projects around. You may find plenty of individual and lovely cared shops for everything in the streets, not only in centro. Close to the Tower, you may find Ligia with her sympathic vintage perfume shop. Big bottels to bottle little ones and subtle flagrance around, ask her, she will know what fits.

Would like to recommend a shopping for shoes in the outlets or even in the stores in town. You may benefit from around 50 – 70 % lower prices for really high quality and sometimes stylish work. Especially the masculine line was represented in Franca, one of the two main city of shoes. The other is Novo Hamburgo for the female feets, but its more mixed up in both cities that time now.

So, its flat land, no river, no lake close by. Don t know what to do in the near surroundings but did not care as well, there are always places around with something weird or special, it s Brazil ūüôā

I prefer the Tower Hotel, directly in centro, a noticable building, not to pretty from the outside but interesting and charming from the inside. You find a King Size Bed with a romantic James Bond switch panel included in the rooms, that styled are like a piece of cake. And you have always spectacular scenic views around a big part of town.

Always coffee in the lobby and a restaurant with quality offers, good suitable for europeans. If Carla and Elisa are at the counter, nothing may go wrong, both are so kind, elegant and professional, that only this may be a reason to come back to that place.

In Franca, you may find a few really important companies like Grupo Amazonas with different segmentos, last with a spectacular high quality designer – line of flip – flops. Lot s of companies have history and proudness for generations, you will find a professional and reliable communication with that guys around.

A good place to connect.

1 Gedanke zu „Franca, SP

  1. schön umgesetzt und echt schon viel geschrieben ,bin begeistert !!!
    Habe erst 3 Sachen angeschaut – der Rest folgt dann in 1 Woche …..gef√§llt mir gut bisher – einziger Kritikpunkt : man muss jedes Foto einzeln √∂ffnen und vergr√∂√üern – oder raffe ich es nicht ? – es w√§re sch√∂n wenn man die nacheinander wie in einer Diaprojektion anschauen k√∂nnte….so muss man immer wieder schliessen und zurr√ľck und wieder anklicken und √∂ffnen – zu umst√§ndlich .

    Aber vielleiht geht das ja auch schon und ich hab s nicht gefunden ūüôĀ weiter so !!!! sch√∂n gestaltet !!

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