Nova Serrana, Minas Gerais


Nova Serrana I have visited for several times but not have come lot s around that place really much. It s a very prosperous 90.000 people interior town with hundreds of factories, mainly with a focus on sports shoes.

They have two big fairies in the Convention Center, it s the Febrac, what focuses on components and machines and the Fenova with trends and tendences for the shoes.

img_0519Have been on the Febrac in 2015, not very interesting for my items but alright, not to far from Divinopolis, just an hour distance, so why not visit. Like on all events in Brazil, you have that very wonderful stylish and friendly caring hostesses around, that really make the day a bright day.

Normally I sleep in the Liber, if I have to do something in town, the hotel is alright, just take care that you don t take a room that faces the side of the BR a little bit above and the road in front of the hotel. Heavy sound alert. Depends on the wind direction but that side is not to recommend.


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