Jacutinga, Minas Gerais

Jacutinga is the knitting town in the region, like Monte Siao close by, a calm nice 20.000  people town. No ugly buildings, even more a spa place for relaxing with public freshwater sources to draw for everybody.

Came there close to christmas time, at night, with the bus from Franca. Reason was to check whats up with business with knitting needles. So I visited lots of companies and resellers, made a nice friendship with Trés Coracoes, a big knitting producer but found no really essential toehold around. Right, it was christmas atmosphere, lot s of companies have had closed early that year, the season was at it s end, no wonder. Just found a few resellers there but not with much interest to change the workflow.

Never mind, have had a nice insight view in the christmas preparations of a deep in the green Minas town, lovely to see the children in happy exciting mood, school classes performing music on the main court in town, located directly in front of the oversized church. Somebody decorated that place really with love and detail, the light installation and the light items around where really charming. Lot s of beings like clowns and fortune tellers have been around the Casa do Papei Noel, that was constructed on the place to show a kind of trashy chrismas history, they like it like that.

Strange feeling for somebody who is used to have christmas in wintertime.

I lived in the Primavera that time, nice spacy colonial hotel with a wonderful relaxing view in a green valley, would like to recommend that place, located counterpart to the springs. A walk behind the hotel brings you to a well cared little park with a lake and some kind of fixed art installations in it. Nice environment to relax, but nothing else to do for me and my purposes.

So I picked up my bags and went back to Franca

Jacutinga Walk

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