Divinopolis, Minas Gerais

Divinopolis Walk

Divinopolis, the City of the Holy Spirit, Brazilians have a favour for holy names, is located in just 1,5 hours img_0794south – west of Belo. I have switched busses in that town a several times and thought, it could be rewarding to check the situation for my items there. It s close to Belo and lot s of clothing industry around.

So, I decided to spend a few weeks there.

The city has around 200.000 people and hundreds of story – factories always with a handfull of people, mostly stitcheries, that are using the little items. You need to much material to generate countable return, so thats not interesting.

The resellers around, there are 4 or 5 big ones, are not really interested in offers and in new possibilities. Everything is going it s way in that towns, to introduce new strategies is difficult.

I have visited lot s of factories and stores. The situation was already ( 2015 ) stressed because of the Brazilian economic crisis. I found lot s of  medium producers, that told me, that they have had to reduce up to 80 % of their production.

This causes as well, that nobody is keeping storages in moment because production volumes are not to calculate.

I have had time, life in Germany is expensive, so never mind, I lived in a 3 – star hotel for 1.000 R$ / month with cleaning, internet and breakfast incl. Other costs are not really mentionable.

And so I have had the possibility, to get involved in Divinopolis life for that two month. Have made a bit friendship with a little culture scene around, the Mentes Livers, the open minds, what I found really sympathic.

There are two remarkable places in town, here that guys are playing music or performing other stuff. Like our eighties, people hanging around there, with Pink Floyd music and guitars in freaky outfit, lot s of young people around, peaceful, no stress, no harm around there.

There are a few bairros I have seen, that transport a little gothic industrial feeling on some corners. Here you may feel the old spirit of a former steel town with that rails everywhere. Up to the 70 ties, Divi was a steel production center not a clothing cluster.


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