The stairway of 1001 hearts – Paseo de los Enamorados

Hearts of Gold and plenty others, .. everybody may take one

If you have lost a heart, you may find it here. Hundreds, .. thousands of hearts you will meet on this Stairway of Love, 180 m long, directly at the Costanera in San Pedro, Encarnación, PY.

The project was initiated by the city administration to get a bit more colour in that lost area and became a public success, lots of schools and students took part, artists, families and others who would like to be remembered.

This neighbor HOOD Art project was coordinated by artist Ruben Sykora. It started in Feb 2017 in context of 404 years ENC and aprox. 3.000 persons took part to create in 14 month 200 meters of mosaic !

Is just clue, plastic – cristals and ceramics rests and the patience and empathy of the residents who transformed that filthy area into a bright and feel good space, where you like to be.

1001 Hearts or more



Actually, I found that stairs by walking around that quarter to check an offer of a flat, one of my all time favorite doings in this country. It was like ever, looks good but not suitable because of no really walls. Anyway a problem in that bairro, I found, lots of noise around. So I made my way and passed that stairs, where I spend a while, before I walked back the long way to Pacú Cuá, where I have had my flat, that I rented for a month and left after 2 weeks because of terrible noise of plenty of street dogs and the fuck does not care me neighbors, a bairro with definitely and unfortunately no less noise than that  I have seen before but with the most nice views to Argentina, I have seen so far.

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