Encarnación – The Lofts in Borderland

All people that once loved the fabulous Freak Brothers and the fearless Wonder Wart-Hog will like that trashy spot in the high voltage area at the feet of the Puente Internacional to Argentina

In the heart of the Zona Comercial of Encarnación, you find this interesting morphing object in between shopping malls and markets. So, surprise, I found one of the best supplied domestic equipment on that level, a reasonable little open kitchen, a few beds to much for me, really working internet and a TV with so much channels, I did not check. And no needs, everything is to your hands.

Next surprise, I expected hardcore noise from the busy roads downside but it was bearable, more bearable than a house on the countryside, I have had rented before for 2 weeks, unbelieveable. At night and at the weekend, it is more or less quiet around that place.

The location is recommended for a few days, to orientate, its good fun to walk around the blocks and to dive into this intense scenery. Lot s of clothing and shoes around here. To the center of Enc you get easily and frequently in 15 min for 3.000 G with the Corredor 2 directly in front of the door or you jump in a bus to Argentina, to Posadas for a coffee. Like in the most boundaries you may pay nearly everywhere in different currencies.

You may rent this apartments on daily rates, a good alternative to the hotels, that are not less noisy. There are a few apartments, if you are interested in that location please get in contact with:

CR Emprendimientos Imobiliarios – Carolina Vásquez – 595 ( 0 ) 985 112129

For those with patience for unprofessional walkings with a camera

.. coming home in the flat

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