Lost Place – Pilsen Brewery

Just walking around my neighborhood in the harbor area and passing that big rotten building again. Always have been curious, what it could have been once. This time a guy, who hangs around the corners, noticed my interest for the spot and offered me a private tour into the building, for sure, not without wanting money but he was not in luck, I have had nearly no money with me so he needed to be ok with my Pulp Pomelo coins.

It is one of the old locations of the Pilsen brewery founded 1910 I found out later.

En 1910, los hermanos Juan y Pedro Bossio deciden apostar por la producción nacional de una cerveza de calidad superior, y crean la Cervecería Nacional. Originalmente habían 3 grandes plantas productoras de cerveza y hielo ubicadas en Tuyucuá, Puerto Sajonia y Arsenal-cué, en la zona portuaria de Asunción. A estas primeras instalaciones se sumaron construcciones más modernas con los últimos perfeccionamientos técnicos de la época. ( https://pilsen.com.py/historia.html )

A lost place like location with weird architecture, the beer boilers left big round holes in the ceilings. There are holes everywhere  to fall in and it is still smelling for beer in there. Some hidden wall paintings make that setting to a kind of spooky gothic spot.


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