Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte is a roaring city, the melting pot for all domestic issues and purposes, crazy high energy place nestled in the green mountains. Especially the area around the rodo is vitalized from lots of movement, business and even culture at the Praca da Estacao.

Came there several times in the last 15 month, always with the approach in Tancredo Neves in Confins, ca. 1 hour distance to the city. The airport is just equipped with a new big terminal.

Normally I take the Ambassy at the Rodo, little bit raw around there but a high energy guaranteed location. The hotel is alright, medium price, no problems there, close to lot s of important places, museums and bus stations.

The location is suitable as long as the shops are open and the popcorn and fruit dealers are around the streets. If that guys are going home, you should do the same in that area. Take a seat in your hotel room at the window, switch on the TV, have a drink and watch the night side theatre performace of Rodo Belo.

Daytime is good for a walk around Savassi, if you don t know that proper place with parks and elegant people in colonial stylish environment. The green hills around are creating a wonderful calm atmosphere.

Pampulha is another option, you may have a nice ride through the city with bus or taxi to the botanical garden. It s good fun to drive around town, you may pass the stadion, where the ultimate disaster for the brazilian nation occured, but they don t mind, they just made a proverb out of it – if somethings going wrong, it s called sete e um since that night 🙂



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