In the Hoods

The hoods of Republicano and Cayetano. 

That pics are all around Japon and 38 Proyectadas. This part of Republicano was founded by Chacarita families that have had big problems with the hightides.

Like nearly everywhere close to the river, it s getting a little filthy here around, especially if there is a really big basura, I did not know about. I walked a few blocks in that direction but I turned around. Seems like that are alleys, where you better should know somebody to avoid entering private areas without intention what could be interpreted as disrespectful. Anyway, smiling people around at all and a friendly hint, better not to enter alone.

The richer part of this bairro you may find on the other side of the Felix Bogado in the triangle with Gral Santos, other neighborhoods are Santa Ana, San Vincente or Bañado.

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