Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul


Cold POA

Walk around the quarters

Surprising beautiful line up, Princesas in the park


Porto Alegre City Scapes

Came to POA in wintertime, I knew, that it s cold there, but not as cold as I found it. Right, that was a kind of strange experience, first time, I have seen Brazil people shiffering in heavy clothing.

Walk around the harbor area in the early morning and you will find a weird scenery, populated by freaky individums, hanging around burning tons and wrapped in any kind of protection against the cold like carpet patterns, plastic or other improvized cowl styles, underground feeling, but no fear, people are friendly and thankful for a smoke and a smile. In some streets, POA looks like a spacy open sleep in, really much people are sleeping around the corners.

A walk around the quarters shows a busy alegri city, not caring the cold, the streets are packed and the locations in old downtown are offering nice colonial feeling. Transporting a kind of early christmas feeling with the smell of very tasty roasted almond around. By the way, don t miss the Ovidos de Macacos around the bakeries.

Lot s of leatherwear in the shops, big choices of bags, suitcases, dispatches to good prices, could be interesting to visit the factories and outlets outside, to buy high quality for nice prices.

Came to Parque Farroupilha, right, wintertime, not to much green, not to much blue, but a really colorful long row of pretty POA – Girls, competing eagerly for a casting.

So, I took an extensive rest and enjoyed the very nice scenery with a few coffees. Nearly forgot, to take a few fotos of the park.

South Bound – Local Train Ride from Novo Hamburgo to Porto Alegre, highly frequented, takes 45 minutes from POA to the prosper small city of shoes and lots of other attractive down – south locations.

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