Lagoa do Banana, Ceará

Cowboy Logde Have had a time, I did not really know where to live for a few weeks and came to Cowboy at the lake. He was so friendly to give me a roof for that time. That was a wonderful place, peaceful and nearly completely without disturbtion. Ok, there are always a few guys, that don t care the resort rules and producing exhausts and noise, but it could have been much more worse, like I know it from Cumbuco.

Have had a few meetings with our pousada in Cumbuco that time and mostly walked that nice way. Cumbuco is in walking distance, you will need around 45 min through the dunes. But you will hear the noise of the discos and restaurants as well at weekends, depending on wind direction, in some kind there is always sound in the air somewhere around, it s normal.

That was a nice time, thanks Cowboy and Silene !

 There is a bus stop near cowboys place, here you can pick up a bus to Caucaia if you need to check something or if you need to go to Fortaleza. So, if you do that, just keep patience and don t be in a hurry, thats better.

I have had a wooden apartment directly at the lake shore for me alone. Cowboy told me, that there is a dangerous lizard in the bushes beside, that ate the last guest, but never have seen that guy.  But I have seen lot s of ants, one night two big streets of termites inside my apartment, as I came home. They disappeared instantly after switching on lights and feeling vibrations of my steps, like they have not been there. I found some in the rag, so I knew, that that was not a dream.



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